Pack Northwest grew organically from humble roots in a Bellingham sail loft, where we've refined our industrial sewing chops and earned the trust of the regional sailing community. Sailors require precise, bombproof stitchwork that will withstand the rigors of the often harsh PNW marine elements. Situated in northwest WA, where big mountains and big rivers meet the sea, Bellingham's stunning landscape is a natural playground that's just as celebrated for its access to Mt. Baker, the North Cascades and the BC Coast Range, as it is for its world class sailing. It's in this environment that the idea for Pack Northwest was born.




As cyclists, surfers, kayakers and backcountry enthusiasts, we've always been passionate about our gear, and about packs and bags in particular.  And as problem solvers and makers, we've always been naturally inclined to question the mass-produced, the cheap, and the readily available, and instead relish the challenge of designing and building something that's just as good, or even better, ourselves. We're dedicated to the process of product design and passionate about craftsmanship. We build functional products that we want to use ourselves here in our backyard, so that you can count on them for years to come in your own neck of the woods.






We're proud to say that each and every item that bears the Pack Northwest name was handmade, and built to last, right here in our Bellingham workshop.  For any materials, parts or inputs that we cannot make ourselves we go to great lengths to source from US manufacturers, giving priority to local and regional suppliers.  In this way, we can help contribute to the healthy domestic manufacturing economy that we strive to be a part of.